Airdry vs Blowdry test
Natural styling at its finest

Airdry vs Blowdry test

Some prefer the undone look of the air-dried mane. Others demand the perfectly polished appearance. Bring the heat or go au naturel. Either way, meet the Aura Botanica styling products that nourish and protect.

Hair washing is a woman’s most treasured beauty ritual. But what comes next? Some prefer the undone look of the air-dried mane. Others demand the perfectly polished appearance only a blow dryer can achieve. Still others want something in the middle—what French girls call coiffé décoiffé or “undone style.”

There is no right or wrong choice, but whichever styling adventure you choose, you must have the right products to nourish and protect your hair while delivering incredible results. The Aura Botanica range presents options for both schools of thought, and everything in between.

Styling With Aura Botanica

Bring the heat or go au naturel. Either way, there’s a product to nourish and protect.

Crème de Boucles

Apply this curl defining leave-in cream to wet hair for soft bounce and 96-hour frizz control. Proceed to blowdry with a diffuser. Re-apply later on dry hair to revive those curls.

Eau de Vagues

Spray this texturizing mist on wet hair from root to tip. Scrunch and air dry for natural, glowing beach waves. Blowdry with or without a diffuser for more constructed waves.

Lait de Soie

Spread this smoothing leave-in milk from root to tip and blowdry for a silky, touchable finish. On coarse or dry hair, add 2-3 drops of Concentré Essentiel for extra nutrition.

Essence d’Eclat

Mist towel-dried hair with this lightweight bi-phase oil and air dry or blowdry to add nutrition, frizz control and glow. Spritz it on dry hair for a smooth glow anytime.

Rendez-vous at the salon

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Περιποίηση Fusio-Dose στο κομμωτήριο

Μάθετε για τη διάσημη υπηρεσία που διατίθεται στα κομμωτήρια και μεταμορφώνει την ποιότητα των μαλλιών σε λιγότερο από 5 λεπτά.

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Κάντε το κουίζ για να βρείτε τον καλύτερο συνδυασμό προϊόντων, ανάλογα με τις ανάγκες των μαλλιών σας.

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Βρείτε ένα κομμωτήριο της Kérastase δίπλα σας, για μια προσωπική διάγνωση, για να ανακαλύψετε εμπειρίες περιποίησης στο κομμωτήριο και να αγοράσετε προϊόντα.