All about Hair Fragrance Layering

As an iconic fragrance that has marked many manes for nearly ten years, we explore the unique olfactory structure of the remarkable products of the Elixir Ultime range. Top, heart and base notes work together to perfume hair with the most unique scent.

The Top

Violet is the hero here, blended with Freesia for a floral lightness at the top of the fragrance. This is where the scent gets its incredible lift, and a certain softness that balances the anchoring earthiness of the base.

The Heart

Mineral notes come in at the middle level, including Heliotrope and Cedarwood that dance with the Mandarine above, offering an oriental flair that is the perfect expression of brilliant shine through scent.

The Base

The selection of the base notes is crucial to creating a fragrance that really lasts. Elixir Ultime’s robust foundation is rooted in the wood of Santal, the creamy richness of Tonka Beans along with a grounding, animalistic musk.

Fragrance Profile: Bain and Masque

The Top

Delights abound at the uppermost reaches of the fragrance, where the bright citrus-spice dance of Grapefruit and Ginger mellow into a cloak of crisp Raspberry and Cassis.

The Heart

In its middle, the fragrance presents mysterious Black Violet fused with Saffron Flower Petals. Their composition is lifted by the delicate transparency of Crystal Rose

The Base

The fragrance finds its foundation in wood and leather. Cedar and Cashmere Wood mingle lustily with the classic perfume of Vetiver.

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